THE CITYKIDS FOUNDATION | Keith Haring and “The CityKids Speak on Liberty Banner”

Keith Haring and “The CityKids Speak on Liberty Banner”


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Liberty Banner

In 1986, the banner (90’ x 30’ feet) titled, “CityKids Speak on Liberty” was painted by legendary artist and

renowned SoHo resident, Keith Haring, in conjunction with The CityKids Foundation. This one of a kind piece

of art depicts one of Haring’s most beloved images, The Statue of Liberty. Additionally, it is often referred to as

one of the most meaningful pieces in the entire Haring oeuvre.


The painting was conceived over a three-day period, in which 1,000 young people (CityKids) from all over New

York City gathered at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center to collaborate with Haring in the creation of this

incredible work of art.


The “CityKids Speak on Liberty Banner” is a unique, brightly-colored, six story mural created by the late

artist Keith Haring commemorating the Statue of Liberty on her 100th birthday. A black, pop-art outline of Miss

Liberty on a yellow nylon background exhibits the personal interpretations of what liberty meant to them.

Celebrities such as Herbie Hancock, Yoko Ono, Philip Glass, and Mrs. Matilda Cuomo were also at the



The completed banner was originally debuted at Liberty Tower in Battery Park City over the Fourth of July

celebration in 1986, and has subsequently exhibited in select cities such as Milan, Italy; Paris, France and was

featured as a back drop of Paul McCartney’s pre-game show at Super Bowl XXXVI in New Orleans.