THE CITYKIDS FOUNDATION | “CityKids Speak on Liberty Banner” in Philadelphia

“CityKids Speak on Liberty Banner” in Philadelphia

The CityKids Foundation has announced that Keith Haring’s “CityKids Speak on Liberty Banner” has been chosen as a centerpiece of Rock the Vote’s large-scale art exhibition and event series taking place at the Democratic National Convention this week to launch its Truth to Power campaign, which aims to continue engaging young voters for the 2016 election. Truth to Power’s exhibit features provocative art that speaks to social and political causes, and Haring’s six-story banner hangs along the outside of the exhibition building, on display for public viewing free of charge.  This banner will be on display until Wednesday the 27th of July 2016 at 990 Spring Garden Street in Philadelphia.

In 1986, the late Keith Haring and 1,000 New York City kids collaborated to create the unique and brightly-colored “CityKids Speak on Liberty Banner.” The 90 by 30-foot banner commemorates the Statue of Liberty on her 100th birthday. Seldom displayed since its creation, with exceptions in Paris, Milan, and as the backdrop for Paul McCartney’s “Freedom Tour,” the banner has gained quiet notoriety as one of the most prestigious pieces from Haring’s oeuvre.

CityKids hopes to sell the banner and tour nationally using its own methodology to train young people how to Reboot Liberty, activating social justice across America.  The money raised from the sale of the banner will fund CityKids for the next 30 years.  The foundation trains tens of thousands of young people to be leaders and motivated agents of social change.

Haring’s banner embodies the power of arts and culture to speak truth to power, making the massive liberty mural a perfect match for Rock the Vote’s campaign. The exhibition at large includes art addressing issues from police brutality and gun violence to reproductive rights and access to jobs. Additional Truth to Power activations include a performance by Andra Day and a series of panels and performances from participants, including Senator Cory Booker, and actress/activist Rosario Dawson will also livestream her My Peoples program from the exhibition. In concert with Cut 50 and other community partners, Rock the Vote aims to register two million young people before November by invoking the creativity of these great minds and artworks
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