Top Stories and Events


April 2019


‘The Fantasticks’ the longest ever running Broadway Musical held in East Village Playhouse. An allegorical story that focuses on two young lovers and their journey through adolescent thrills.



January 2019

‘The Artivist, The Bayard Rustin Story’ honours Black History Month with a solo show that tells the story of the life of a civil rights activist through his speeches, songs, monologues, documentary footage and letters. 



January 2018


‘A Brooklyn Boy’ is a one man show co-written and performed by Steven Prescod and co-written and directed by Moises Belizario. Held in East Village Playhouse the show is a spoken word performance that portrays Stevens coming of age in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn.



August 2016


Rockaway Garden Fundraiser, a Garden Party Benefit for the City Kids Foundation and their program at the Rockaway Institute for a Sustainable Environment. You can still donate by clicking here!




July 2016

CityKids Speak on Liberty Banner has been chosen as a centerpiece of Rock the Vote’s large-scale art exhibition and event series taking place at the Democratic National Convention.

The participation supported all City Kids Foundation programs that summer. During this event, participants took part in an amazing spin class hosted by SOUL CYCLE. 



June 2015

Legendary  Artist, Keith Haring’s ‘CityKids Speak On Liberty’ Banner goes on sale! City Kids Speak on Liberty was painted by legendary artist and renowned SoHo resident, Keith Haring in conjunction with CityKids foundation.  



December 2014

CityKids welcomes The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge for a tour and youth performance including original song, dance and theatre pieces during their first official visit to New York City.